What To Do When Your Fire Sprinkler Malfunctions

First Thing First, Inspect The Broken Broken Fire Sprinkler Unit

People tend to get curious when a fire sprinkler malfunctions, and it’s easy enough to understand – you’re living in a building that’s supposed to be equipped with the thing! So the first thing you should do is inspect it.

But wait, did you know there are plenty of things wrong with your fire sprinkler unit? Like faulty wiring among other things?

Your Fire Sprinkler Unit Might Not Be Faulty At All

Sometimes people rush their inspections because they assume the only problem with their fire sprinkler unit is actually indeed its fault. However,  it might be the wiring.  How would you know?

The First Thing To Check Is Your Electricals

First of all, turn your breaker off to get rid of any electrical interference that might affect the outcome of your inspection process. Then, inspect it for anything that looks faulty or out of place with whatever is usually there. If you find something wrong, then shut off the power again and call an electrician to check if everything’s alright before checking your fire sprinkler unit.

Your Fire Sprinkler Unit Might Not Be Watered At All!

Lastly, make sure it’s watered.  How?  Check the pressure gauge – it’s where you’re going to find out if your sprinkler system is currently being watered or not.

Your Fire Sprinkler Unit Might Be In The News!

Did you know there are news stories about people who have damaged their fire sprinklers on purpose? There have been cases where tenants damage them so they won’t have to pay water bills, and in most of these cases, the landlord has taken legal measures against the tenant and made them pay for damages instead. Even more alarmingly, there was a recent case involving a guy who damaged his own fire sprinkler with an axe because he thought that made him immune from charges when he gets sued by his insurer.

Is It Broken? Call The Expert!

It’s always better to hire someone experienced rather than do it yourself when something goes wrong with your sprinklers because they know what to look out for and how everything should be. These people are trained professionals who have experience dealing with all sorts of problems and they know how to fix them as well.

There’s plenty more to look out for when it comes to inspecting fire sprinkler units, like checking if there are any strange noises coming from them, but if you’re not experienced enough, then hiring someone experienced is your best bet. Plus those people have the tools and knowledge about what they’re doing.

Replace And Upgrade To Something Better

If your unit has been around for about 10 years or so, then most parts are obsolete now. Replacing your old model with something new would be most effective not just because the newer models tend to have more advanced features but because most companies give good discounts on price when buying units in bulk. That way you can save some money and also get a good discount at the same time! Plus replacing them won’t take that much effort either.

So that’s all there is to know about inspecting broken fire sprinklers Inspecting them yourself isn’t as easy as it looks, and you can’t just assume that because your fire sprinkler unit is broken, it’s faulty. It might be a wiring problem or there could indeed be something wrong with the actual sprinkler itself. And if you want to make sure everything is working well, then hiring a professional is your best bet. Last but not least, replacing your old model with a new one would be most effective because of many reasons.

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